Monday, December 19, 2016


I would also like to add that, if you like to do things in excess, you may want to be careful with niacinamide.  I really think that anything more than one capsule could be dangerous.  Long story.  There was a quote I read that 3 grams a day or more could be toxic.  I think 500 mg is more than enough.  I strongly suggest no more than that.

Hmmm, possible key addition to this note.  I'm beginning to think that it was critical that I was already eating vitamin cereal when I started taking niacinamide.  I'm not sure how well it would have worked without the essential micronutrients supplied by the vitamin cereal.  It's nothing I can prove, at this point, but there are some indicators.

I think I finally found the key to explaining what seems so amazing about the effect of niacinamide.  A good metaphor is buoyancy.  When all of that gloom might start oppressing, the niacinamide keeps one floating above it all.  It does what all of the pharmaceuticals purport to do without any of the side effects.  Remember, niacinamide is *_not_* a pharmaceutical.  It is something that the body manufactures.  My guess is that, in some people, for some reason, it is not manufactured enough.  The only real side effects for niacinamide are an increased mental acuity, anti-inflammatory action, better protection from some diseases,  The important thing to keep in mind is to not get a brand that is cluttered with anything else (see below).

I honestly think that Niacinamide may be the best solution for indefinitive depression.  I'm talking about that vague depression that has an indeterminate source.  If it has a source, that is a different matter.

From now on, I'll add new thoughts right here, near the top.  This is the exception, though.  There are a few new thoughts below, as well.  The thing to keep in my about niacinamide is that, while the name may sound like another drug concocted by some mad scientist at a pharmacological company, it is not.  It is a naturally occurring substance that your body needs.  And, it seems like the body just doesn't get nearly enough under normal conditions.  In every way, I feel better from taking it.  Mental acuity, physical attributes, everything just feels better.  It lifts any gloom.  It's not like some feel-good happy drug.  It doesn't make one feel inappropriately happy, it just helps put things in perspective.  It's like adjusting the perspective to a glass half full rather than half empty.  I just cannot say enough goo things about it.

I need to be specific as I've fiddled with a few alternatives.  Of them all, *_I can only recommend_* Solaray 500 mg capsules.  All of the other ones I tried were in pill form, rather than capsule, and had some other ingredients that, at first glance, seemed like good idea.  They weren't, at least for me.  At least, for me.  Solaray capsules  are just amazing or, rather, the niacinamide in the form that they use is amazing.  All of the things I state below.  I feel better both physically and mentally.

As usual, I had to go to the point of excess and, then, back off.  I went to three capsules and that was too much.  I backed down to one capsule and it seemed like the right amount.  As time progressed, though, I am tempted to try two.  It's almost as if the body finally got used to the additional boost.  It's working fine at two but, well, I do like to go to the limit.  So, I will try two.

Oh, by the way, the Solaray capsules are much more expensive but the other pills just did not produce the same effect at all.  I would go without rather than switch to the pills.  And, the capsules are not that expensive, really.

I just have to mention niacinamide. You may want to look it up. It is amazing. It is a natural substance that the body needs. It is used by the mitochondria in the cell to produce energy. It works at the cellular level. Since I began taking it, the difference is remarkable. I heal faster, I have more energy, my mental processes work better. It helps to combat disease. I could go on. I don't know what else to say except try it. It's cheap and readily available. Whole Foods usually has it on the shelf and my local grocery store/pharmacy can order it at about half the price. The only additional suggestion that works best for me is to break open the capsule and drop the powder in your mouth. In this way, it is absorbed more directly into the bloodstream.

I'm also beginning to wonder how much the vitamin cereal I eat every day has to to with lifting the gloom.  Even by itself, before I discovered niacinamide, it helped with the gloom.  I am being very specific here about it being cereal because I think it is absorbed much better by the body than any pill.  If the ingredients go right through you without absorption, it just doesn't help.  Right?


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